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If you were here at the Zoo this afternoon, you may have noticed a video camera – that was WXXI, as they were finishing up filming segments for their Homework Hotline program that will include your Zoo!

We took them on quite an adventure, learning about penguins, polar bears, cougars, meerkats, rhinos, along with some of our Education Collection animals. Take a look at some of the pictures from the day’s events and stay tuned for when you can see the Zoo on WXXI! (Photos by Kelli O’Brien)

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We celebrated 5th birthdays for our male meerkats, Lookout, Tracker and Malik this afternoon!

Keepers and docents talked with visitors about our meerkat mob; keepers also provided the boys with delicious treats – crickets, watermelon and mealworms just to name a few! And a birthday celebration wouldn’t be complete without a “Happy Birthday” song. Check out some of the photos from the festivities below. (Photos by Kelli O’Brien)

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